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Cosplay special Guest


Cosplay Contest and rules


We're bringing back the cosplay contest this year and are excited to see what all you crafty cosplayers have created :D Things will be running a little differently this year, so please read the rules posted below. Registration opens today(April 14th) and will run until May 14th for pre-judging. Be sure to fill it out, show off your amazing cosplays and have fun with us this year!

Link to registration:



The cosplay craftsmanship competition will be held on Friday and Saturday of Geek Out. Each participant must sign up prior to the convention in order to compete and each participant must show up for their time slot for prejudging, participants who do not show up for their time slot will be considered a forfeit from the competition.

Registration is REQUIRED for all categories, and participants must have purchased, at minimum, a Saturday pass for Geek Out.

Groups are limited to a maximum of SIX people. If a group has more than SIX members, they may petition the Expo Coordinator to allow the group to compete.

Participants may NOT compete with a costume that has previously won any Major Award at any convention


When signing up you must declare which skill group you are participating in. Below is a description and qualifications for each group.

Junior—Solely for participants 13 years of age or younger, regardless of awards or skill level. You may have won any number of awards and/or made any number of costumes.

Novice—Ages 13+; you may have won up to 2 Major Awards or 5 Minor Awards and made up 1-5 costumes

Journeyman—Ages 13+; you may have won 2—4 Major Awards or 5—10 Minor Awards, and have made 5—9 costumes

Master—Ages 13+; you may have won 4—6 Major Awards or 10—15 Minor Awards, and have made 9—11 costumes

Cosplay Groups: A group must compete in the division of the HIGHEST skilled member. (Example: A group of 2 Novices & 1 Journeyman must compete as a group in the Journeyman Division)
You cannot compete in a division lower than you have already won an award in. If you have won Best in Division—Master, you cannot compete as a Journeyman, even if it is your only Major Award.
Major Awards are considered Best in Show, Best in Division, or the like.
Minor Awards are considered Honorable Mention, Merit Award, Judge’s Award, or the like.


At least 60% of an entry’s costume (50% if competing in the Junior Division) must be handcrafted by the participant. Modification to purchased or commissioned costumes is not viewed as original work and does not qualify for the Craftsmanship contest.

No commissioned, purchased, or rented costumes. Costumes from costume shops, designer direct, auctions, CosPay, or any other store-bought costumes are prohibited and will negate individual/group eligibility (even if only one participant in a group has a disqualified costume) to compete in the Craftsmanship contest.
The costume’s creator(s) may have a model wearing the costume for the contest. In these cases, the creator(s) must be present for the pre-judging appointment, must be the owner of the costume and would be credited for any awards, not the model.


-Online Pre-Registration is open April 14th –May 14th.
-All Pre-Registration Forms MUST be received by before 11:59 PM EST on May 14st.
-Links to the forms are available on the Geek Out website. If links are not working, please email hannon@geekout-hca.com
-Participants must submit a “Cosplay Competition Registration Form”. Once a form is received, an email will be sent with available appointment times. After an appointment time has been selected and confirmed, a final email confirming the date and time.
-In order for appointments to run on time, participants must check in with Cosplay Registration AT LEAST 10 minutes before their appointment block starts. Failure to check in within this time frame will be taken as a forfeit!

• Craftsmanship and Performance appointments will be scheduled on Friday and Saturday.

• Craftsmanship Individual entries will have a 5 minute judging period.

• Craftsmanship Group entries will have a 10 minute judging period.

• Some Reschedules/Changes are allowed during pre-reg, but please don’t abuse this.

After your pre-judging/audition appointment, you will receive your stage number. This is associated with your cosplay information and must be visible for your stage walk.

Please email hannon@geekout-hca.com if you have any questions or issues regarding Cosplay Pre-Registration!


Participants will have a set amount of time to interview with a panel of judges experienced in sewing, wig styling, prop making, and armor building. Individual entries will have 6 minutes (4 minute interview & 2 minute deliberation) and Group entries will have 10 minutes (8 minute interview & 2 minute deliberation).

During the interview process, the judges will get close and go over the costume while asking about the crafting process, techniques, and materials used. Participant responses should be as quick and concise as possible so they may cover as much about their costume as they can.
Participants/Models for Craftsmanship MUST be in full costume and are REQUIRED to bring adequate printed reference materials for the judges to hold, review and compare for their pre-judging appointment, as well as adequate work in progress images!

Good references show (at the very least) the front and back, but side views are highly recommended as well. They may also have close ups of details and props. Examples of references include: screen captures, DVD covers, art books, PVC figurines, magazine articles, manga, colored printouts, etc. No outlets will be available for laptops and no computers be provided. Please come prepared. Lack of reference material or progress images WILL result in a score of 0 in the “Presentation” judging area.

Once time is called for the interview process, participants must promptly leave the judging area for the judges to deliberate your final score in private.




Nightingale Vixen

My name is Morgan Durfee and my cosplay name is Nightingale Vixen. I’m 26 years old and I’m from a small town in Ohio. I’ve been cosplaying for about 4 years and to me cosplay is more than just a hobby; it is a passion and an outlet for creativity. Some things that I enjoy include anime, Adventure time, comics, going to comic conventions and I love a good conspiracy theory. I play video games in my free time, which is where most of my cosplay inspiration comes from. I have 2 Pugs named Neddy and Bonnie. I make cosplays for my husband and I by hand and also do commissions for people. I work at a costume company called Dark Iron Cosplay Productions where we make cosplay armor out of plastic and foam and we also do custom orders where I sew and do worbla builds. I graduated from Mount Vernon Nazarene University with a Major in Art and a minor in Graphic Design. I’m a full time children’s and teen librarian at my local library for the past 12 years where I do the art work and displays, work with the teens in our maker space and I am the Baby story time teacher for 0 to 2 years old. I love both of my Jobs!

You can follow her awesome work at:

FB: https://www.facebook.com/nightingalevxn/
IG: https://www.instagram.com/nightingale_vixen/?hl=en



I was born and raised in Brooklyn NY and have been cosplaying for 11 years. I recently relocated to North Western PA where I have more then double the amount of crafting space I had in New York! With this great opportunity, I have been expanding my portfolio as well as taking commissions on cosplay props. I have created over 20 costumes for myself and won various awards including several best in show and category placements. I've also been featured in several publications including Nintendo Power, Cosmopolitan, New York times, Village voice, and Cosplay Culture magazine.

Cosplay has been a wonderful outlet for my creativity, as well as great a way to make new friends and connections with other artists and amazing people. Being involved in this craft has changed my life and keeps me going every day!

You can follow along with her awesome cosplays at:

FB: https://www.facebook.com/SOS.Zadra/
IG: https://www.instagram.com/zadrabug/?hl=en


Akakioga Cosplay

Akakioga Cosplay is an avid anime, video game, and comics lover, cosplaying anything the light touches. She loves sewing and working with worbla/eva foam to make armor! Being a huge Blizzard Entertainment fan, she has made her mark in the Overwatch community for her Orisa cosplay, appearing in the new Blizzard Cosplay: Tips Tricks and Hints book!

She is also a huge advocate for people of color in the cosplay world. By using her social media platforms, she strives to spread positive representation throughout the cosplay and media scene. Her driving force is to raise awareness of the importance of inclusivity in the nerd community!

You can follow her awesome work at:

FB: https://www.facebook.com/Akakiogacosplay/
IG: https://www.instagram.com/akakioga/?hl=en


Shadowbrite Cosplay

Hi! My name is Jenn, also known as Shadowbrite Cosplay. I'm an ecclectic cosplayer from Kentucky. My favorite cosplays are unique spins on popular characters, incorporating steampunk, gothic, post-apocalyptic, and cyberpunk/rave accents! I'm committed to body positivity and cospositivity. I am also a mental heath advocate- there is nothing more important than mental health, and cosplay can play a huge role and how you see yourself and interact with the world. I look forward to meeting you all!

You can see more of her awesome cosplay at:
FB- https://m.facebook.com/ShadowBriteCosplay
IG: #shadowbritecosplay