Geek Out 5.0 Entertainment


Band of Pirates!!

YARR!! Beware Geek Out attendees! A band of scurvy pirates be land locked and are looking for their booty treasure! If found, Geek Out will be their new merry pirate fortress where they will have happy pirate minstrels wondering among the crowds and merry time at their campsite!
To celebrate finding their lost booty treasure, they will be performing Saturday night! You don't want to miss this show!!
So, get your eye patches and peg legs ready! The pirates are upon us!

Band of Pirates' fancifully-dressed musicians artfully cover tunes both familiar and uncommon, from the Golden Age of Piracy up to the present day, all with a piratey twist. From Cincinnati, Ohio, they have performed around the region at festivals, faires, breweries, casinos, cabarets, even on riverboats, and have been featured in locally and regionally produced movies as well as on television, most recently on the national premier episode of "The Gong Show." Don't miss your chance to catch this exceptionally entertaining group of rogues and scallywags.

For more info, please folow them on Facebook at:



Starting each night at 8pm down close to Grandma's Pizza Shop, we will have late night kids movies on our huge projection screen and smores!!
Best part...wait for it...THE SMORES ARE FREE!! (while supplies last of course)
Bring a lawn chair or blanket and cozy up with your family for some movie fun! The smores will be extra sticky and gooey just the way you like'em!!
Movies still to be determined and will run until about midnight. Sorry, but FREE SMORES are only available for kids 12 and under.
Some of our staff will be present at all times to make sure everyone is having a great time!


Cosplay Foam Fighting

Welcoming back yet again to Geek Out is Cosplay Foam Fighting!!!
Be sure to check them out in the upper campground where you can participate in some amazing Foam Fighting Battles!!!
If you didn't already know, we here at Geek Out love the CFF crew!!  Go excited!


Cincinnati Area Nerf Enthusiast (C.A.N.E) Presents



C.A.N.E. is one of Ohio's largest groups of nerfers based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. All ages are welcome, from kids to kids at heart. We hold weekly war across the city. All you need to join is to be a nerfer. So join us for some high flying foam fun over the weekend.

We will be holding a free 30 minutes game on the hour, each hour, starting at 1pm Friday. Staging/admission will start 15 prior to the top of the hour. We will admit the first 30 people to play. We will be taking sign ups for the games, but you have to report back before 10 minutes prior to the start of the hour to maintain your reservations.

Game types will vary each hour from CTF, Death Match, Defend the Core. Games are subject to change.

You are welcome you to bring your own blasters. Loaners will be available for a $1 fee. Loaners will be limited. Blasters will be on a first come first serve basis. Modded blasters will be allowed but must be reviewed by an official before the start of the game. Make sure to leave your own darts at home cause we have you cover, unless you have specialty ammo (megas, missles, etc etc...).

Eye protection is mandatory, and will be provided if needed.


Grandma's Inflatable Playground!!

Oh, it's on this year everyone!!

We are bringing out THREE HUGE bouncy houses!
The first is a 30ft ladder and WET slide attached to a long slip 'n slide! Be sure do stay cool and have a blast! Yes, adults are allowed to play!

We also have huge Boulderdash obstacle course! Contestants can race through the bouncy house obstacle course while their friends and family (THIS MEANS YOU!) get to launch huge boulders at them! Knock them off course and make it tough on them! But be's your turn next!!

Finally, we will have a Jousting and Bungee Run bouncy! Challenge your friends to see who is the most bestest of them all!

All these are FREE to play at Geek Out 5.0, but water will be limited as to when it's ran!

For renting info on these bouncies and many other fun party entertainment, contact:
Or call at: (513) 756-9680


Yes, they're back!! Once again everyone at Geek Out 5.0 can engage in the "In Real Life Mario Kart Races"!! Seats are adjustable for riders of all sizes and ages!! There will be 4 pedal karts available to race during con hours. Riders will also have plush green turtle shells to throw at other racers!! A referee will by close by to make sure racers hit by the shell come to a complete stop for 3 seconds!! Let's a go!!

Best's free to play!! Yay!! It's a me, Mario!



Hosted by the very talented Rocky Doll!

4:00pm on Saturday
Pavilion (Panel) Stage
-All contestants must sign up and be pre judged in the Dance Hall. Pre judging and sign up must be done between 1:30pm and 3:30pm on Saturday only.
-Cosplay judges will assist in signing everyone up and pre judged at that time.
-Cosplay contest is open to all ages.
Prizes awarded to:
-Children 14 and Under
> First Place and Runner Up
> First Place, Runner Up, and Best Prop

-All contestants must meet at the Pavilion (Panel) Stage no later that 3:45pm in order to get in line.
-It will be hot so choose your cosplay accordingly
-This is a Cosplay Contest, not a Talent Show. Each contestant is allowed only one pose on stage for pictures.

-No cosplay that has placed TWICE at any other con in the past 12 months will be allowed to win any cosplay awards.

Thank you and good luck to all the cosplayers!!


Visionary Championship Wrestling!!

We are an Independent Professional Wrestling company in Richmond Indiana.
We take pride in providing top level entertainment with family friendly events.
We like to call ourselves a REAL Pro Wrestling company as other "Companies" around the Richmond area do not provide any actual pro wrestling.
ALL of our vCw stars have appropriate ring attire and are FULLY trained in the performance art of Pro Wrestling.
Booked from all over the world.
Some of our roster have worked in japan as well as R.O.H and C.Z.W.
Any one of our roster would be ready for TV performances at a moments notice and some of them have!
Our Ring is of the highest quality (18x18 Highspots Deluxe)
All of our title belts are 100% CUSTOM MADE. Noone else in the world has our belts. Made by ORM Belts.
We would rather NOT run if a subpar event is the outcome.
We are Pro Wrestling, Real pro wrestling!
The new 'Vision" of pro wrestling.

Visionary Championship Wrestling will be hosting Three events with "meet and greets" after each event! Be sure to come cheer on your favorite wrestlers as they put thier bodies through torment for your viewing pleasure! Stick around and get some photos and say hello after the events!

Event times:
Friday: 5:00PM-7:00PM (Meet and greet imediately after)
Satuday: 1:00PM-3:00PM (Meet and greet imediately after)
Saturday: ADULTS ONLY 18+ 9:00PM-11:00PM (Meet and greet imediately after)
For more about VCW, follow them on Facebook at:


Acrobatica Infiniti Circus!!

*Back by popular demand!*
Acrobatica Infiniti Circus is the first of its kind, a completely unique performance where two exuberant arts – cosplay and circus – merge to create an unforgettable show. Otherwise known as the “Nerd Circus”, this variety-style performance brings together diverse audiences to witness their favorite fictional characters come to life on stage and perform extraordinary acts.
The AI Circus team is pleased to join Geek Out 5.0, and will be running aerial and juggling workshops throughout the weekend. Below is their schedule!

12-5pm – Aerials & Juggling demos/workshops
9pm - Fire show

12-4pm – Aerials & Juggling demos/workshops
5pm – Circus show
7pm – Q & A Panel
9pm - Fire show

12-3pm - Aerials & Juggling demos/workshops

Follow more of their crazy fun adventures at:




Final Form Fusion is a group of nerds, cosplayers and dancers who have come together to combine our fandoms and talent to create performances that resonate with our geeky audiences. We do themed, professional performances from anime, comics, video games, horror, sci-fi, and more! We are dancers. We are gamers. We are nerds. We are bringing all our talents together in one final form!

Be sure to catch their panels on the panel stage!
(Times will be announced very soon!)

Please follow all their awesome adventures at:



Whoa! Remember all those crazy rock stacks that were all over the creek at camp?! Well, the guys that made them are coming back to do it again and will even be hosting a workshop on how to make these amazing pieces of natural art!!

Carl has been presenting the meditative form of rock balancing for almost a decade. He's experienced in multiple styles of balancing, as well as being extremely passionate about exposing this art form to the public. He's performed such art at music festivals such as Electric Forest, Eclipse Yaa, Wham Bam Thank You Jam and is returning to Geek Out this year.

If you're interested in learning more, he and his brother will be the out at camp making the natural surroundings a more beautiful place one stone at a time. They will also be hosting a workshop at 12:30pm on Saturday for those that want to learn about the art.