Hannon's Camp America & Geek Out proudly welcomes Lannie Richardson from Illuminaudi Cards in Hamilton! Lannie will be hosting a Magic the Gathering Tournament from 12:00 PM - 8:00 PM in the Dance *(Guild) Hall.

Lannie will also be selling the following items at her booth:

  • Magic the gathering product and singles
  • Yugioh product 
  • D&D product
  • Video Games (Mostly classics)
  • Vanguard product
  • Dragon Ball Z product
  • Gaming accessories 
  • Pokemon product 
  • Board Games

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/illuminaudicards.hamilton

Magic The Gathering Tournament Rules:

The drafts will be $12 entry and will be run in pods of 8 players sign-ups. We will fire off as many as possible during the 12:00-8:00 times that we will be vending.

Drafts work like this:

Each player gets 3 packs of particular Magic the Gathering sets. Each person is arranged in certain seats. Then each player opens up pack 1 of 3 and removes the advertisement/token card, and land card (unless it's foil). After that each person picks one card and passes the pack to the left. This process is continued until all cards of pack 1 are selected. This process is then repeated for pack 3 except it is passed to the right. Then the process is once again repeated for pack 3 except it is passed back to the left. All the cards chosen are put toward building a 40-card minimum deck that you will then face off against the others in a single elimination tournament to win more booster packs!!

Players get half hour for deck building.