Geek Out Fire and flow artist


Aj Hutch - Festieflame

Born and raised in Cincinnati Ohio, this 5 year fire spinner is a multi prop performer who is never without his leggings. FestieFlame covers everything from fire staff to rope dart while being versed in fire eating, breathing and walking.




Returning again with her flame props and mask manipulation, Spacefairy will be performing each night with all kinds of amazing tricks!


Cody Coggins


Cody is a fire performer local to the area and frequents the campground. He will be performing each night with his fire props and will wow you with his skills!


Stepehn Palmer -     Super Flow Bros


Returning again for another year, Super Flow Bros come dressed to impress and if that doesn't impress you...their fire spinning skills definitely will!!
you can find more of their awesomeness at: